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About Us

I’m Leanna Thomson.

I’m a freelance journalist and content creator based in Newcastle upon Tyne. I’m also a mental health activist, as well as a loud and proud feminist.

I’ve always believed that us journalists have a role that goes beyond alerting the public about what’s happening. Journalism has the power to emphasise issues that have an active impact on society, and by shining a light on these issues, we have the potential to stimulate discussion – which, in turn, leads to social action. Thus, I feel that it is my responsibility as a journalist to amplify unheard voices.

This has led me to combine my passion for activism with my journalism. At first, I focussed largely on mental health stories…

…and then I expanded to reporting on the initiatives out there that support women.

I came up with Sign of the Tyne because I wanted to cast my net even wider, using my position as a journalist to go beyond issues that concern myself to platform other marginalised communities whose voices were being unheard.

Much of my journalism focusses on the North East, due to the fact that the area often evades the attention of the mainstream media. This is something I am continuing with Sign of the Tyne, as though the topics I’ll be reporting on may receive coverage in other parts of the country, the marginalised communities of the North East are not being spotlighted enough.

So, I hope you will help me elevate these issues by reading, sharing and discussing my stories. We have the power to make real change here.

If you have a story in mind that would work well for Sign of the Tyne, find out how to contact us here and be sure to follow us on Instagram, where we will be posting even more exclusive content.

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