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I am Ciaran, a fellow music lover who is always looking for the most unique of musical styling and the best music events. Personally, I’m a sucker for alternative RnB music and Hip Hop at large, but essentially love any type of music that has an impactful message – none of that TikTok, 15-second kerfuffle haha! 

Music is often dubbed as a ‘universal language’, and it is! Only, though, until it becomes universally mundane – this page acts as a platform for music lovers to air their grievances, scream their (un)popular opinions and essentially act as a placeholder for the extraordinary musical talents primed to bloom within the heart of Newcastle and beyond!!  

I’m a current second year Journalism student at Newcastle University, and in my spare time I love to scour every square inch of streaming platforms to find the best musical artists who otherwise go unnoticed – you may know who Beyonce is!!  

No, I’m fully joking here, but on a more serious note here are just a few of my favourite artists: FKA Twigs, Tove Lo, Caroline Polachek, ENNY, Kali Uchis, Daniel Ceasar and many more 😊 

In total honesty, I don’t listen to many ‘true’ Geordie artists and so this project will be an eye-opening one for the both of us for sure… 

So, I must first ask, who are some of your favourite artists from Newcastle, and in the north more generally? Place your answers in the comments section to fulfil my ravenous craving for new artistry 😊 and help fellow music lovers on this page find new artists too!! 

Below you will find a video of me discussing some of the upcoming events in the toon so that 1) You Know this page is not being run by AI (As if it would ever stoop so low :/) and 2) To keep you in the loop on what can be expected to be covered on here as well as any events that may be of interest to you! 

The work presented here is part of a student project. While the information on this website has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors.

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